Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who's Going to Prom?

Dresses, tuxes, and flowers oh my!  It must mean it's prom time! So much planning goes into this once, or maybe twice, in a lifetime event. Typically the plans focus on fashion and fun.

For those young enough to be attending prom this spring, life should be about fashion and fun.  Plan to enjoy the night with your closest friends and you will create memories you will share forever.  Plan to look good with your date and you will create photos to share forever.  In addition to fashion and fun, please remember to plan for safety.  Plan a safe night and you will be around to share the memories and photos forever.

Please designate a driver for the night whether it be one of your friends, a parent, or hire a limo and choose your destinations wisely. It takes just one moment to create devastating memories instead of magical memories.

Lands End Limousines wishes you all a memorable and safe prom!