Friday, August 19, 2011

Ballard Park 2nd Annual Mad Hatter Iced Tea Party

Ballard Park is the only nature preserve in Newport, Rhode Island.  It is a wild and natural open space of 13 acres located near the intersection of Hazard and Wickham Roads, directly across from Rogers High School.  The park was gifted to the City of Newport by Carol C. Ballard in 1990 and has been designated as an area to be used for conservation, education, and passive recreation.

In 1996 a not for profit organization, Friends of Ballard Park, was created to help protect the preserve. On August 8, they held their 2nd annual Mad Hatter Iced Tea Party.  Lands End Limousine was a proud supporter of this fun, family event.

The party was an Alice In Wonderland themed event with delicious goodies to be enjoyed.  Many different iced teas were available to be tasted as well as tea sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, and candy.  The children enjoyed crazy hat making.  The adults enjoyed a silent auction with donations from many local businesses.  Children and adults alike loved the scavenger hunt! Scurrying through the "Trail of Cards", painting white roses red, and solving riddles were some of the challenges.  And of course, along the way many characters were spotted, such as Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the Queen of Hearts.

Our thanks go out to the Friends of Ballard Park for all of their hard work making this such a successful event!  Lands End Limousine is proud to support you and we look forward to next year!


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